Monday, 3 May 2010

still cant type unfortunately due to neuropraxia - pish

Saturday, 17 April 2010

can't type, gammy right hand has stopped working !
busy weeks though, lot's of mayhem and spectacular river rescue attempt for 20 year old cannoeist who sadly died.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

The weather never ceases to amaze me here, no sooner is British summertime declared they shut the snow gates at Glencoe and Tyndrum. The hills look magical again and of course the ski resorts will be jumping for joy. Yesterday was one of those blue sky days and warm enough to sit out in. I got sorted out with my fizzy water and new Jack Reacher novel and Lyndsey set off to Glasgow for a haircut and overnighter at Kerry’s. Three hours later I had managed 71 pages and countless periods of unconsciousness, I’ve got no energy at all but what a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Took all my drugs in accordance with Lyndsey’s kardex with the exception of a zopiclone for sleeping, consequently I was still awake at 3am. What is it about the wee small hours that magnify all of your worries? Not having anyone to bounce things off my imagination was running riot, the ulnar nerve pain in my right hand seemed worse than ever and I eventually convinced myself that the fracture site had moved within the Frame and the pain from the top pin site became a terrible sign as far as I was convinced. Eventually I fell asleep only to wake up at 6 so I’m a tad knackered. One funny thing was that in the mirror instead of a drawn grey faced Ian staring back at me I had a pink sunburnt face and unbelievably had managed to burn my left arm in amongst the pin sites. Just had an old fashioned bath-in-the sink wash, and shave, so I didn’t get the tens electrodes wet. Of course in the light of day the problems are no longer the issue that they were at 3am. Lots of texts from Lyndsey to remind me to take my drugs; I cleaned the top pin site as the dressing was quite stained by exudates. Trying to get the new dressing back on it struck me how near impossible it would be for someone to manage an ilizarov frame living on their own, that and not having my pal in the house overnight made me reflect on how important our relationship is.

And finally the weather; from the blue sky day yesterday it’s raining and the snow is starting to melt, reminds me so much of all of those years camping in Glencoe when you would arrive in brilliant sunshine then wake up to the rain. Everyone except the diehards would go home and the next day would be sunny and superb for climbing and drinking – a strange place but what an amazing place to live. So it’s a day of dozing like the cats and working on the painting of the ridge which is coming along, an enormous work just like I had planned!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Monday's bloods

birthday boy with fizzy water "wine"

Birthday boy today, slept well again last night, using the tens machine lyndsey bought for the ulnar nerve pain. Cold outside with snow flurries, Mabel away to buy me some more hoodies and t-shirts. Loads of phone calls, had a nice chat with Eilidh who seems to be doing well, some worrying news about her sister. Some interesting packages to open when Lyndsey gets home. Haven't painted for two days, feel quite weak but then the bloods from Monday are a bit deranged.